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Alba Second Hand Music - Online Catalogue

This catalogue is primarily intended to list out-of-print, rare or unusual material. The retail outlets in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Wigtown have the standard repertoire not shown here.


Title Code Composer/Author Description Condition Price
Sonata in do maggiore per pianoforte e violoncello A.Casella

Published Universal 1928. Dedicated to Mrs Elizabeth S.Coolidge. Inscribed greeting to the Glasgow cellist Gasperini signed Casella, Glasgow 1931.

Fairly good but dusty £25.00
Tarantella Alfredo Casella

Published Ricordi 1931 6+2 pages

good contents, thin card wrapper dusty £6.00
Favourite Duo for Violin & Cello St 1.11 Anfossi

Published Grancino ed Pyron 1983. Two playing scores included.

New but staples rusty £6.00
Variations on a Theme of Tchaikovksy Anton Arensky

Concerto for cello & orchestra St.2.4.11 Arthur Honegger

reduction for cello & piano, published Senart,copyright 1931

good, a little dusty £15.00
Sonata for Cello & Piano 1.3.11 Arthur Honegger

Folio, soft cover, pub. Paris 1922, ex Chester's Circulating Music Library

Cover grubby, contents good £15
Concerto C minor Bach, J.C.

arr. Casadesus vla & piano
Publ Salabert

good £7.00
Sinfonia Op3/1 FS16 Bach, J.C.

Eulenburgh 'Study Score', ex-libris.

Good, clean, ex-libris £5.00
Brandenburg Concerto No.III FS12 Bach, J.S.

Full Score published Hawkes 1944 edited Henry Wood. Heavily edited.

Good but some foxing of frontispiece £5.00
Cantata 170 'Vergnugte Ruh'. FS7 Bach, J.S.

Pub Boosey & Hawkes 1962

Very Good £6.50
Violin Concerto E major BWV 1042 HB4 Bach, J.S.

Full Score & Parts Peters Edition, 4,3,2,2,1. + solo part. Markings by Iona Brown.

Used but fairly good £18.00
Ouverturen Op. 138, 72, (Leonore Nos 1,2 &3) FS57 Beethoven, L.van

Full Score Peters No.1021a

Contents good, paper cover worn and taped. £10.00
Ouverturen Op. 72, 43, 62, 84. FS58 Beethoven, L.van

Full Score Peters No.1021b.

Contents good, paper cover very worn and taped. £10.00
Symphony No.7 in A Op.92 FS37 Beethoven, L.van

Full Score Litolff, paperback 90pp.

Wrapper dusty, contents clean £8.50
Eight Scenes from Faust FS-BER23 Berlioz, Hector

Full score of Eight Scenes from Faust, New Edition of the Complete Works, Bärentreiter Edition 1970. Hardback. Ex-library.

Very good £20
Violin Concerto Bliss

Publ Novello

near mint £15.00
Violin Concerto Shp Bliss, Arthur

Published Novello 1957 Dedicated to Alfredo Campoli. Library hb (rather heavy).

Good, unused but library stamps to frontispiece. £17.50
Sonate pour violon & piano St.2.4.20 Bloch, Ernest

Publ Schirmer NY 1922

good £12.50
The Last Prodigy a biography of Wolfgang Korngold St.3.1.2 Brendan G.Carroll

Copyright Amadeus 1997. The first full-length biography of Korngold. hb 464 pp.

Violin Concerto Op 28 St.2.4.14 Carl Goldmark

arr. violin & piano Jansen
publ Schweers & Haake Bremen

good working copy with inscription to owner £15.00
Don Juan / Semiramis (Ballets Pantomimes von Gasparo Angiolini). CL1.29 Christoph Willibald Gluck

Full Score published Baerenreiter 1966, BA 2283. Hb 130pp, preface in German, 7pp facs. Ex-libris but excellent condition.

Very Good SOLD
Violin Concerto No. 1 Creston


Very good £10
Elegie St.2.4.15 Darius Milhaud

published Boosey & Hawkes 1946, 7+ 2 pages. Ex-libris with usual stamps.

good apart from stamps. £4.50
Moto Perpetuo David Moule Evans

publ Joseph Williams 1938

good £7.50
The Shepherds Calendar FS-PMD Davies, Peter Maxwell

Full score of The Shepherds Calendar (Youth Orchestra Series)
Boosey and Hawkes 1969.

Good £8
Intermezzo Debussy

published 1944 Elkan-Vogel Philadelphia, 8+4 pages, arranged Gregor Piatigorsky.

contents good but wrapper very dusty £5.00
Sonate pour Violoncelle et Piano St2.4.13 Dresden, Sem

Senart copyright 1922, 21,6 pp. Parts cello & piano

Edges of wrapper frayed,contents good. £10.00
Zwei Suiten FS55 Eisenach, Johann Jakob Loewe von,

Copyright Nagel 1930. Five part strings with continuo realised by Rodemann.

Good £7.50
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra Op. 61 S Elgar, Edward

pp. 99

Good, some wear on spine £9.50
Rhapsody for Cello & Piano, Op. 13 1.3.10 Eugene Goosens

Folio, soft cover, pub. Chester, 1917

Good Sold
Concerto Op.3, No.2. (1734) FS54 Festing, M.C.

Copyright, Augener 1953

Good but dusty. £6.00`
Notturno FS62 Fine, Irving

Full Score Copyright Boosey & Hawkes 1952.

Good £12.50
Prelude C major Florian Pascal ( Joseph Williams)

Published Joseph Williams 1927 Op.Post. Bowed & fingered by Cedric Sharpe.

good £4.00
Song of the Bee Florian Pascal ( Joseph Williams)

Published Joseph Williams 1927. Bowed & fingered by Cedric Sharpe.

good £4
sonata for solo violin Frankel

publ Augener 1946

good sold
Viola Concerto Fricker

arr viola & piano, publ Schott 1953

good £12.50
Suite for Wind Instruments, Percussion and Childrens' Choir SS35 Glodeanu, Liviu

Suita pentru instrumente de suflat, de percusiune si cor de copii. Study score, 86pp, pb, pub. Editura muzicalia, Romania. Foreword in Romanian and French.

Good, spine a little torn. £4.00
Duo viola & piano Goltermann

publ Peters n.d. (c.1900?)

Fairly good £6.00
Sonata for cello & Piano. shp Hamilton, Iain

Published Schott 1960. For Joan Dickson. One playing score only.

ex-libris, usual stamps, contents unmarked. £7.50
Sinfonia No. 77 FS022 Haydn, Joseph

Full Score Copyright Haydn-Mozart Presse 1965. Folio Ex-libris Hb.

Good £12
Twelve String Quartets Opp. 55, 64 and 71 FS-HAY69 Haydn, Joseph

Full score of complete String Quartets Opp. 55, 64 and 71. Ed. Wilhelm Altmann. Dover Publications

Good £9
Concerto in B major for Violin FS-HAYM18 Haydn, Michael

Full score of Concerto in B major for Violin, Strings and Harpsichord. Violin and piano score. Doblinger 1960.

Good Sold
sonata violin & piano Hoddinott

published OUP 1970, 28 & 11 pages.
ex-libris with damage to wrapper and stamps on first page.

contents good but pencil markings to violin part. £10.00
Two Welsh Dances FS110 Hoddinott, Alun

Full score, pb, 26pp, pub. Oxford University Press, arr. David Stone

Very Good £7.50
Sonata viola & piano Honegger

publ Max Eshig 1921

good £12.50
Concerto All'Antica No.4 St.2.4.22 Hubay

Piano reduction published Zimmermann 1908.27pp. Piano score only. Attractive hardback with decorative frontispiece, ex-libris.

good £8.50
Complete Church Music: I MB-HUM-XXX Humfrey, Pelham

Full scores of Humfrey Complete Church Music: I. Transcribed and edited by Peter Dennison. Musica Britannica - A National Collection of Music XXXIV. Stainer and Bell 1972.

Good £26
Sonata viola & piano Hurnik

publ Prague 1956. Library hardback binding

Fairly good £7.50
Suite No.2 B minor BWV1067 H17 J.S.Bach

String Parts only (No Flute part). 4, 3,2, 2, 5 cello/bass. Breitkopf

Good £
Suite No.2 B minor BWV1067 H17 J.S.Bach

String Parts only (No Flute part). 4, 3,2, 2, 5 cello/bass. Breitkopf

Good £12.50
Music in English Drama from Shakespeare to Purcell Sh J.S.Manifold

Pub Rockliff 1956, ex-libris, hb no dust jacket, spine slightly faded, 208pp.

Fairly good £10.00
35 Magyar Nepdal - I. fuzet FS-JEN2 Jeno, Adam

Full score of 35 Magyar Nepdal - III. füzet (1-8). Zenemukiado Vallalat, Budapest 1951.

Good but dusty £5
Violin Concert in ungarischer Weise Op11 St 2.3.25 Joachim, J.

Published Breitkopf&Haertel nd. Ex libris hb red cloth.

Good, unmarked copy apart from stamp on frontispiece. £25.00
Hebrew Melodies Op 9 SH Joachim, Joseph

Published Augener

good, backstip taped £10.00
Concerto pour Violoncelle St.2.4.3 Jolivet, Andre

Piano reduction publ 1963 Boosey & Hawkes, pp44,17. Good library hard-back binding. Fingered & bowed by Andre Navarra

Ex-libris, some stamps but contents very good. sold
Krzesany FS-KIL3 Kilar, Wojciech

Full score of Krzesany 'Symphonic Poem'. Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne 1976.

Good £7
Sonate en sol pour piano et violon Lekeu

Published Rouart, Lerolle & Co, Paris. Dedicated to Ysaye

good, wrapper dusty. £15.00
Sonata in la per violoncello e pianoforte Mario Pilati (1903-1938)

Published Ricordi 1931. Substantial work of 47&13 pages. Pilati was an Italian composer influenced by Pizzetti.

Wrapper dusty & loose, contents good. £12.50
Prelude 1 for Solo 'Cello St.1.4.1 McGuire, Edward

Photocopy, wirebound, 4pp, SMIC.

New £5.00
Duo Concertant Op 4 'Adieu a Berlin' SH Mendelssohn

Published Augener, dedicated to his friend Edouard Ritz.

Good, backstrip taped. £8.50
Canzonets for Five & Six Voives St 2.2.26 Morley, Thomas

Publ Stainer & Bell 1913, English Madrigal School Vol.III

Good £10.00
Piano Concerto in Bb KV 595 Mozart

Full score Breitkopf & Hartel pb

good, a few markings IB sold
Piano Concerto No. 19 in F major FS-MOZ99 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Full score of Piano Concerto No. 19 in F major KV 459. Broude Bros.

Good £7
Piano Concerto No. 27 FS-MOZ100 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Full score of Piano Concerto No. 27 in B flat major KV 595. Broude Bros.

Good £8
Musica Scotica - I - The Complete Works of Robert Carver, and Two anonymous Masses MS-I3 Musica Scotica

Musica Scotica - I - The Complete Works of Robert Carver, and Two anonymous Masses. Ed. Kenneth Elliott. Musica Scotica Trust (University of Glasgow Music Department Publications) 1996.

Good £40
Christmas Eve Niels Gade

Der Hexentanz Op8 Paganini

Collection Litolff No.811. Arr Bockmuhl.

good £5.00
Variations on Theme of Rossini Op 12 Paganini

Collection Litolff No.812. Non Piu Mesta, Variations on a theme of Rossini.

Fairly good £5.00
First set of Madrigals St 2.2.4 Pilkington, Francis

Publ Stainer & Bell 1923, English Madrigal School Vol.XXV

Fairly good £8.50
Cello Sonata Pizzetti, Ildebrando

To 'Maria'.Publ Ricordi 1923, 40+11PP. hb library binding. Pizzetti thought forbidding but this work full of romantic expression.

Good, slight browning of edges, cover grubby. £25.00
Violin Concerto Racine Fricker

Schott 1951, piano reduction.

Cover loose, contents good £12.50
Rapsodie Espagnole, Mother Goose and Pavane pur une infante defunte FS-RAV6 Ravel, Maurice

Full score of Rapsodie Espagnole, Mother Goose and Pavane pur une infante defunte. Dover Publications 2001.

Concerto No. 2 Violin & Orchestra shp Rawsthorne

Publ OUP 1959, reduction for violin & piano. Markings in violin part probably by David Martin.

Good but pencil markings as noted. £18.50
Sonata Violin & Piano in G sharp Shp Reizenstein, Franz

Published Lengnick 1947. Dedicated to Maria Lidka. Green cloth library hardback.

Good clean copy £10.00
Tre Pezze per violoncello e pianoforte Reno Bossi (1883-1965

Published Ricordi 1937. Lamento, Tumulto,Canzone a Ballo. Fine inscription 'al violoncellista Luigi Gasparini...... Reno Bossi Milan 1938'. The first page of the cello part has handwritten list of Bossi's works for cello.

A little worn & dusty. Some markings by composer? £17.50
Trittico - Tre Canti per Violoncello e Pianoforte Op12 Reno Bossi (1883-1965

Dated 1904, copyright Bongiovanni 1925, 2nd edition. 1.Canto di dolore. 2.Canto d'amore. 3.Canto di festa.

Fairly good, slight browning with age. £8.50
Serenata Medioevale St.2.4.12 Riccardo Zandonai (1883-1944)

Cello and small orchestra arr cello & piano Zanon. Published Ricordi, copyright 1926.

contents good, wrapper dusty and indented. £10.00
Sonata cello & piano C001 Rubinstein, Anton

Published Augener (n.d.)

Fairly Good, lacking outer wrapper. £10.00
Bolero Sarasate

Published Simrock Berlin 1885, decorative wrapper.

Good, slight damage to edges, & fold SOLD
Bearbeitungen III CL4.14 Schoenberg, Arnold

Arrangements for cello and piano of cello concerto D-Dur from harpsichord concerto by Matthias Georg Monn
+ cadenzas
Schott - Full-cloth binding

Ex libris, good £10
Suite for Violin & Piano Op.44 St.2.4.24 Schutt, Eduard

Published Simrock, Berlin 1894. Ex libris, wrapper very worn and taped, contents clean. 38, 11 pp.

Poem St.2.3.28 Scott, Cyril

Copyright Schott 1930 Ed No.2130. Ex libris but a nice clean hardback copy. A piece for 'cello & piano entitled 'The Melodist and the Nightingale'. 8pp + 15pp.

Good Sold
Sonata for Violin & Piano op.22 Sommerfeldt

Published Hansen 1973

Good, bears previous owners signature. £7.50
Violin Concerto Op.74 Shp Stanford

Copyright Breitkopf 1904. Reduction for violin & piano. Ex-libris with stamps on frontispiece.

Wrapper badly torn, contents good. sold
Works for Violin & Piano SH Szymanowski, Karol

Published PWM and Universal 1978. Volume 9 of the Complete Edition. Large, heavy hb 13 3/4" tall, 147 and 43 pp ( includes a separate part for the violin).

Mint Sold
Capricious Variations on an Old English Tune Op32 Thomas Dunhill

Published 1911 Goodwin & Tabb.For cello and orchestra, arr cello & piano. Dedicated to May Mukle.

good £10.00
Sonata Tyroica Violin & Piano Van Dieren

Publ OUP 1927

good £10
English Songs 1625 - 1660 MB-ENG2-XX Various

Collection of English Songs 1625-1660 incl. Lanier, Ramsey and Lawes. Transcribed and edited by Ian Spink. Musica Britannica - A National Collection of Music XXXIII. Stainer and Bell 1971.

Good £38
Concerto in G Violin, F1/173 , RV310 St 2. 1 Vivaldi

Score & parts (4,3,2,2,4. no solo part) Ricordi 1965 ed Malipiero

Good £16.00
Airs To Three Voices St 2.2.5 Weelkes, Thomas

Publ Stainer & Bell 1916, English Madrigal School Vol.XIII

Fairly good £8.50
Twee Sonaten voor violoncello en piano Willem Pijper

Published Broekmans & Van Poppel nd c.1932?
Composed 1919. Dedicated Marix Loevensohn.

Wrapper a little worn, contents good. Sold
Venetian Games SS Witold Lutoalawski

Study Score pub Moeck 1962?, 49pp.

Good £12.50
Venetian Games SS Witold Lutoalawski

Study Score pub Moeck 1962?, 49pp.

Good £12.50

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